Friday, February 24, 2012

LG joins with Mozilla to release Boot2Gecko Mobile Phone

According to the latest rumour-rounds LG are going to unveil the first Mozilla Boot To Gecko (B2G) powered smartphone at this years Mobile World Congress(MWC) that starts in three days.

The idea that Mozilla would launch a mobile operating system the way they are saying they will is more than just exciting, it is revolutionary: not only would Boot2Gecko be open like no operating system has ever been before, but it would be able to run inside any web browser. Under the Boot2Gecko face of the project is a set of Web APIs which allow both JavaScript and HTML5 to speak with your smartphone or computer’s hardware.

Unlike the competition, Boot2Gecko is supposedly a truly open source project, which means this is indeed great news for manufacturers, carriers and end-users who want to have absolute and total control over their devices. The Boot2Gecko OS apart from being completely open, will also offer an open framework and browser and an app store of its own.

According to reports however, Boot2Gecko is still in a supposedly rather primitive state at the moment, but the rumors are saying Mozilla and LG have several carriers lined up as partners who will be willing to offer the software and hardware to their customers in the future.

Altough most of this facts are still rumors it is thought that the main reason for LG B2G smartphone production is to sell to developers who are keen to start making applications for the new operating system. We assume it'll also be on sale to the general public, but that should not be the main reason behind its production.

As MWC approaches the wait wont be long untill we find out if these rumours are true.



  1. I wonder how successful it will become as the days go on.

  2. tight browser integration could be useful.

  3. Ha, could you imagine Internet Explorer doing something like this?

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