Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Are You disappointed by yesterdays Apple event?

Well while most people were waiting for the new Iphone 5 they didnt showed it to us yet. Instead they showed us an updated version of the Iphone4. Iphone 4S.
This new upgrade will have an A5 dual core chip (also used in Ipad2).
It will support both GSM and CDMA, the camera has now 8 megapixels (60% more than the previous one).

The biggest new however is Siri.
Voice control is by no means a new concept, but interpreting what has been said and working out the context is something that has not been fully explored on a mobile device before.
Google is doing great work with its own voice software, but Siri appears to have taken things to a new level.

For a great comparation between the smarphone elite check out this


  1. I was expecting a bigger screen. Also, nice to see the prices are dropping :)

    +1`ed, it was still interesting

  2. Very disappointed. Choosing between a Galaxy S2 and the 4S is not an issue anymore.

  3. I kinda knew this was gonna happen. :D

    Following, mate! :)

  4. a little bit disappointed but is great machine